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How this online retail store in the U.S. is using Uassist.ME’s
e-commerce solution to manage its store and drive sustained growth..

Based in New York City and it was founded in 2015. The brand was born with the purpose of offering clothing and apparel that is outside the box. They have more than 22,000 products on stock, from t-shirts, jerseys, pants, shorts, costumes, hats, posters, etc. The client’s high season is typically during the holidays, such as Halloween and Christmas.

The client has its own website and also offers services in 15 different market places including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Google Express, Sears, Rakuten, Trade Me, NewEgg, Wish, among others and they offer shipping worldwide.

The store ships out over 500 orders a day during low season and more than 1,500 a day during high season.


Uassist.ME is able to get to more than 1,000 messages each day thanks to great teamwork, organization and sheer dedication to the clients’ brand. In October 2019, the client’s team at Uassist.ME processed over 32,400 orders from different market places and nearly the same amount of emails and messages from different stores.


When the client first came to Uassist.ME, they were in two sales channels, today the client has expanded to 15 channels. The top priority is to follow up on each store’s performance with the goal of not only providing quality service but also maintaining high standard rates on each marketplace.


The customer support team at Uassist.ME conducted an analysis to understand the client’s ideal customer. The goal was to understand its likes/dislikes, tone, preferences and general demographics. With this data, the team tailored the way they communicated with the customer according to their preferences and needs. This made the clients’ customers feel good in every interaction and it ultimately led to an increase in repeat sales.



15 Channels

Client is currently selling its products successfully on 15 different sales channels.



The marketplace performance score on the clients’ top stores has been kept above 90% every month.



Incoming messages answered quickly and effectively each day.


To drive a profitable online store it’s crucial to manage your marketplaces effectively and to provide outstanding customer service.

Having a clear picture of who your ideal customer is will make you come up with smart decisions as to what other marketplaces or social media channels your brand should be on, what kind of ads should you run and what ‘look and feel’ you should give to your e-commerce store.

With commitment and hard-work the Uassist.ME team has been able to drive revenue for this client every year by managing marketplaces effectively, going the extra-mile on customer support and having a clear idea on what is needed to grow.

What Did The Owner Said?

Uassist.ME has done a great job with customer service and I feel more confident than ever with Uassist.ME. They have that extreme attention to detail and communication that I love to see in my company. Way to go guys!”

- Retail Store Co-Owner, 2020