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How do I communicate with my team?

Your team captain (your main point of contact) can be contacted via phone, email, Skype or any other form of communication you prefer.

Are there any additional costs to hiring the E-commerce Management Service?

No. Your monthly fee covers your VA's fully equipped workstation, unlimited calls throughout the US and Canada. For any additional questions you can call us directly at +1 (888) 300-4052.

What is the education level of your E-commerce teams?

All of our remote teams have college level studies and different backgrounds such as marketing, graphic design, web development, and communications.

What makes you build or manage an e-commerce store faster and better than others?

That you are not hiring one person, you are hiring a team. A designer, a developer, a content writer, a marketer, etc. This allows us to perform crowdworking, speeding up the process with each member working on what they do best.

Is there a contract?

No, there's no contract. You pay month-to-month.

Where are you located?

Our entire operation is run from El Salvador in Central America. So it’s not offshoring but more like ‘nearshoring’. Most of our staff has either lived or studied in the U.S.





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